Are Teal Sapphires the Next Big Thing?

Aaraa & Aati offers a dazzling experience with its exquisite Birds Eye collection

Sapphires have been treasured as some of the most precious gemstones for thousands of years. Throughout history, they have been attributed various mystical and heavenly powers and have been considered symbols of truth, innocence, peace and good health. They are also the most durable naturally-occurring elements in the world which makes them an excellent choice for engagement rings and everyday jewellery.

In fact, more and more women are choosing coloured sapphires over traditional diamonds for various reasons. Sapphires come in a sheer range of colours โ€“ from perfect peaches to terrific teals and beautiful blues โ€“ thus appealing to everyoneโ€™s palette. And whatโ€™s even more compelling is the fact that no two sapphires are alike! Moreover, sapphires are far more reasonably priced without compromising on beauty or quality.

Aaraa & Aati โ€“ Sri Lankaโ€™s homegrown luxury jewellery brand โ€“ is reputed for exporting exquisite world-class gemstones to the west, and was quick to recognise the new entrant in the gem trade that others in the industry didnโ€™t pay much attention to โ€“ Teal Sapphires. Having stumbled upon this marvel of nature, the company decided to streamline its focus towards sourcing the most premium quality teal sapphires and specialising in their production โ€“ which it has been doing for the past decade now.

Teal sapphires combine the calming depth of blue with the renewing energy of green โ€“ a refreshing expression of harmony and clarity; a symbol of fidelity and integrity. Theyโ€™re wonderful substitutes for conventional gems like diamonds and have a magnetic appeal that make them perfect for statement jewelry. Aaraa & Aatiโ€™s tantalising collection of teal sapphires are intricately tailored to offer the most elegant engagement and wedding rings for those who wish to treasure their life changing moments.

Commenting on these beautiful gemstones, Fahmy Rahman โ€“ Co-Founder of Aaraa & Aati stated: โ€œEach teal sapphire has a unique personality that is reflected in its colour variations. Their distinctive hues and tones make them very special. And while there are several reasons why coloured gemstones have been worn in the past โ€“ such as folklore, legends, myths, associated healing benefits, as talismans, birthstones and zodiac gems โ€“ the vivid and gorgeous colours are what make teal sapphires incredibly alluring.โ€

The absence of a standard colour grading for the Teal Sapphire inspired Aaraa & Aati to create its own benchmark for Premium Colour grades. In terms of hue, the most precious teal sapphires are those with an equal or near equal composition of blue and green colors โ€“ thereby creating a sublime, mossy, aqua-like color. In terms of tone, the highly valued ones are not too dark nor too light. And in terms of saturation, a 50% saturation of Green and a 50% saturation of Blue is the perfect blend. In general, the more intense and uniform the color, the more valuable the stone!

 โ€œOur exquisite collection of Teal Sapphires or the โ€˜Birds Eyeโ€™ range is named after the Eurasian Teal โ€“ a common duck species with a distinct teal colour around its eyes. The exceptional quality of our super premium teal sapphires are worthy of international recognition and commendation. And while many experts today consider this gem the next revolution in multi-colored sapphires, weโ€™re undeniably thrilled to pioneer this journey in Sri Lanka,โ€ concludes Fahmy Rahman.

Aaraa & Aati offers an absolutely enthralling experience that lets customers craft their own jewellery. Delivering bespoke luxury experiences for its clientele, the ultimate goal of the company is to take the luxury customer experience to new heights.

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