Sunshine Holdings selects IFS for subsidiary companies

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Sunshine Holdings PLC, a leading conglomerate will roll out a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform from IFS for itself and ten other subsidiary companies, including companies in the healthcare sector, consumer sector (including Watawala and Zesta tea), and renewable energy sector.
Having used IFS since 2016, Sunshine Holdings management has seen significant transformation in its healthcare business. The latest ERP roll out will include an upgrade to the latest version of IFS for the healthcare subsidiary. Sunshine believes that the latest version of IFSโ€™s extended ERP platform will enable the organisation to continuously evolve, grow and create more value to its customers.
IFS will empower Sunshine Holdings to consolidate its business on a single platform and provide full visibility in real time for its head office. Drawing on the browser-based IFS Aurena user experience, its staff will be able to work efficiently regardless of location, driving user productivity and performance. IFS will support all major business processes, including demand planning, procurement, supply chain, inventory management, manufacturing, finance, distribution and route planning, and CRM.

Holding a majority of the market share in domestic tea consumption, Watawala and Zesta tea will deploy robust industry capabilities from IFS. IFSโ€™s ERP solution for Food and Beverage includes auction and blend management, enabling users to trace tea right up to its original source of production.

Sunshineโ€™s healthcare business includes Sunshine Healthcare (pharmaceutical and medical devices), Healthguard (retail pharmacy chain), and the newly formed Sunshine Health distribution company, which is expected to play a pivotal role in the healthcare industry. IFS will enable the healthcare subsidiary to efficiently and effectively manage inventory throughout the supply chain, from the principal right through to the retailer.

โ€œWe are excited to continue our journey of digital transformation with IFS,โ€ said Vish Govindswamy, Group Managing Director, Sunshine Holdings PLC. โ€œA diversified business such as ours requires powerful and user-friendly tools to ensure that there is only one version of the truth and that we are using reliable, real-time data for decision-making. IFS has been used by the groupโ€™s healthcare business since 2016 and the system proved its agility and robustness meeting our ever-changing business needs and shifts in go-to-market strategies. It enabled us to act fast and take up new challenges. We are a challenger in everything we do. We are confident that IFS will continue to empower us and provide us the trajectory that we seek for our aggressive growth plans in the years to come.โ€

Shiraz Lye, Managing Director /Vice President Sales IFS South Asia added, โ€œWe are delighted that Sunshine has chosen IFS as its digital transformation partner. Sunshine Holdings is a market leader and a challenger that reaches almost every household in the country through its healthcare business and consumer products. For several years, IFS has enabled Sunshine Healthcare to maneuver the changing business landscape and I am confident that we will deploy yet another success story, this time across the entire group. I look forward to sipping a cup of Watawala tea knowing that it was purchased, blended and distributed using IFS.โ€

He further added, โ€œWe are confident that the capabilities of the IFS solution will continue to fuel growth and deliver the outcomes expected by the business, and build a more robust technology platform that will help Sunshine through its next phase of profitable growth.โ€

EY was an integral part of the requirement gathering and scoping. IFS was selected as the most appropriate solution through a rigorous product and partner evaluation process carried out by EY.

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