Kantar to offer media monitoring service in Sri Lanka through acquisition of Nielsenโ€™s media monitoring business

Kantar recently announced that it would start providing Media Monitoring service in Sri Lanka. The announcement comes as Kantar has agreed to acquire Nielsenโ€™s local media monitoring business.  Historically, Kantar has provided TV audience measurement in Sri Lanka. The addition of media spend monitoring positions Kantar as a key partner to Sri Lankaโ€™s media industry.

Media expenditure is a critical part of any brandโ€™s marketing investment. It has been clearly established that effective utilization of this investment results in a positive outcome. To ensure a cost efficient and successful campaigns, brand marketers have evolved sophisticated planning and buying systems which use data from independent research agencies. With increasing focus on assessing the return on marketing investments, efficiency of media spends is now a key performance indicator for most Corporates and Brands.

Speaking on behalf of Kantar, Himalee Madurasinghe, CEO Kantar Sri Lanka stated โ€œWith the addition of media monitoring services clients will now have a comprehensive market intelligence for their media and communication planning. We believe this will add significant value in crafting efficient marketing plans. Kantar will not only provide them a detailed understanding of the audiences and their behavior but also offer marketers an understanding of strategies being implemented by various brands. We expect Kantarโ€™s International expertise will bring more value to the media monitoring services in Sri Lanka.โ€

Under Kantar, the monitoring services will continue providing clients assurance that their media spends will continue to be tracked for efficiency. The service uses sophisticated and advanced Automatic Spot Recognition technology which results in higher accuracy with little manual intervention and superior quality control procedures.

The industry will continue to get the entire suite of services

AdIntel / MediaWatch – providing competitive advertising information, alerts on new opportunities based investment of ad spends.

PRintel – Regular tracking of PR articles / News Stories in Print / TV / Radio and digital media.

Spots Certification  – Confirmation of airing of the advert based on the media schedule

Ad Alert โ€“ which provides a quick alert on any new activity in a specified category within 48 hours of airing

Adds Ms Madurasinghe; โ€œKantar is the global leader in the media intelligence and reputation tracking space. We partner with leading brands to help them understand their share of voice, shape their campaigns, optimise planning and drive sales. Leading agencies, advertisers and media owners all use our data to create more effective plans, to enhance campaign performance and for alerts about what competitors are doing. Through our reputation monitoring service, we provide clients a clear picture of how their brand is seen through the eyes of the media and digital media. This helps businesses make more informed decisions and plan more effectively. We are excited about bringing some of our global offers to Sri Lanka which will be a significant value add for the industryโ€

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CEO of Kantar Sri Lanka Himalee Madurasinghe

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