Hemas and Plasticcycle expands plastic waste collection network

Hemas Consumer, together with  the  John Keells Groupโ€™s social enterprise project- Plasticcycle completed the expansion of the projectโ€™s plastic collection bin network to 25 new collection points in the financial year 2020/21. This recent expansion is the resultant effort of Hemas Consumer, a leading manufacturer in Sri Lankaโ€™s home and personal care sector to remain committed to support the ongoing efforts of Plasticcycle, the social entrepreneurship initiative of John Keells which is the blueprint that encourages responsible disposal and the responsible management of post consumption plastic products among the general public.

Two highly embraced brands Baby Cheramy and Kumarika spearheaded this initiative for Hemas consumer with an unwavering passion to tackle the plastic crisis which is identified as a dire threat to the environment. The two brands, who have been at the forefront of many eco-friendly initiatives will continue to support the Plasticcycle in the long run.

The 25 bins which were placed during three different phases in the 4th quarter of 2020/21 at key public locations across the Colombo district – such as major hospitals, publicly accessible sporting complexes and the Department of Motor Traffic, have collected over an aggregate of 900 kg of post consumption plastic.  All post-consumption plastic collected through the Plasticcycle network are recycled, thus moving the waste materials towards a circular economic approach with the aim in reducing plastic pollution in Sri Lanka. Having seen the capacity of this timely initiative, this continued collection is being driven by the participation and enthusiasm of the general public, location partners and other key stakeholders

Commenting on this initiative, a spokesperson from the Urban Development Authority (UDA) said, โ€œWe are delighted to see a leading conglomerate like Hemas engaging in environment protection initiatives by extending support to plastic recycling which is the need of the hour. Unwholesome practices of disposing plastic waste have posed enough threat to biodiversity and animals and it is high time that we looked into this matter. We believe that this collect-back mechanism can be a starting point to a culture where people in all parts of the island join hands to end the plastic pollution by being responsible for the plastic they utilize and disposing them in suitable places. We are looking forward to see more of these initiatives that minimize the plastic footprint and heal the environment.โ€

Plasticcycle is an initiative that adheres to 4Rโ€™s โ€“ Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with expected outcomes of encouraging the reduction of plastic usage, supporting responsible disposal of plastic waste and promoting recycling initiatives. Plasticcycle operates within a well-planned mechanism where the designated post consumption plastic waste collector- will collect the plastic waste from collection points across the island and will be handing over to the recycling centers for recycling.

Hemas being highly environment conscious identifies the need to increase plastic recycling to tackle the plastic pollution and continues to extend its support to drive the Plasticcycle project forward.  Hemas encourages the general public to come forward and do their bit to save the environment. In combating the plastic waste, individual efforts lead to a bigger impact from which the entire country can imagine a plastic-free environment.

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