DIMO delivers first all-new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Single Cab

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO), the only authorised general distributor for Mercedes-Benz in Sri Lanka, officially unveiled the all-new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Single Cab last week. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the global bestseller, innovation leader and namesake for an entire versatile class of vehicles, is now ringing in a new era of Cargo transport. The very first Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Single Cab was delivered to Colombo Logistics, one of the leading logistics companies in Sri Lanka, on the day of unveiling. 

This occasion was graced by Colombo Logistics Group Consultant Major General (Rtd) Chagie P Gallage, Colombo Port Services Ltd. CEO Lasantha Soysa, DIMO Chairman and Managing Director Ranjith Pandithage, DIMO Group CEO Gahanath Pandithage, DIMO Director/CMO Asanga Ranasinghe, DIMO Mercedes-Benz Cluster Head Rajeev Pandithage and DIMO Business Unit Manager (Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles) Shamal Fernando.  

The new Sprinter Single Cab is one of the most successful models for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles globally. With up to 190bhp, 2.2L twin turbo engine and optional 7 speed automatic gearbox, the Sprinter combines power, low operational cost, enhanced safety features, adaptability and improved comfort for the driver and passenger. It is expected that the Sprinter Single Cab will attract a wide spectrum of potential customers, cargo fleet operators, construction sector and SMEs in Sri Lanka as it continues to be the benchmark of its class in the future. 

Colombo Logistics Group Consultant Major General (Rtd) Chagie P Gallage stated, โ€œThis investment is primarily for our operations in Colombo Port. Given that itโ€™s a Mercedes-Benz and purchased from DIMO, we believe that the new Sprinter can run smoothly for years. We already have several Mercedes-Benz vehicles including cars and a lorry. DIMO service quality is guaranteed to be world-class with proven skills. It is like a partner company as weโ€™ve built a close relationship with them over the years. We have already plans to buy more Sprinters and other vehicles from DIMO. Overall, this is a great investment for us and we look forward to work closely with DIMO in the future too.โ€

Speaking at the event, DIMO Mercedes-Benz Cluster Head Rajeev Pandithage said, โ€œThis is a very proud moment for us as we witness the first delivery of the all-new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Single Cab. The Sprinter is widely recognised as an efficient and reliable mobility solution, which will contribute to the progress of many businesses. We have introduced this for an attractive base price further encouraging our clients to own one of the versatile vehicles trending at present.โ€

When compared with other global vehicle brands in the market today, Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles are best known to be of superior value for money, best in operational efficiency with higher payload capacity and safest in the context of cargo transportation. With the changing business landscape in Sri Lanka due to multiple mega projects and a fast-expanding road network, the country needs to be able to match up to international standards and be able to equip those entities with state-of-the-art mobility solutions. Mercedes-Benz is a brand that is capable of delivering this. Buyers of the new Sprinter from DIMO will benefit with an exclusive 5-year warranty with longer service intervals of 15,000 km and itโ€™s offered at a very affordable introductory price which is LKR 6.9mn. The loading surface of the Sprinter Single Cab provides ample space for transporting heavy and bulky open cargo platforms, as well as bulk goods. The new concept of the driving position convinces both for its high quality design and for its excellent functionality. The loading area of up to 9.2 mยฒ is delimited with high quality aluminium cargo box walls. This creates a robust loading surface that supports two pallets of 1200 x 1000 mm, side by side.

The new Sprinter Single Cab offers an impressive variety, with three vehicle lengths: compact, standard and long, standard cab or double cab and a cargo area of up to 9.2 m2. It can be purchased with a maximum authorised mass of 3000kg, 3500kg, 4100kg and 5000kg and with front, rear or four-wheel drive. 

The multiple versions of the vehicle and equipment options allow adapting the Chassis and the Open Platform to the purpose of transport. The loading surface of the Open Platform reaches its maximum size with the length of the long vehicle and with the standard cab. When the payload is decisive, it is best to drive with the weight version of 5500kg. The standard cabin offers space for up to three people and in the double cabin even a small team of up to seven people can be accommodated. For the specific needs of each sector, there are also a large number of bodywork solutions of proven quality.

Security is one of the most characteristic features of the Sprinter Single Cab. The base is a robust raw body, especially stable, thanks to its constructive design and the materials used. The driving assistance systems enhance the comfort of the driver and thereby help to increase the efficiency of operations. These include features range from the driver drowsiness detection and the standard side wind assistant to the active brake assistant and the lane change detector. These systems form the standard equipment of vehicles with a maximum authorised mass greater than 3500kg. The High Performance LED headlights are available to illuminate the road with greater amplitude and brightness.

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