Baby Cheramy’s latest Herbal Lotion brings natural goodness to your baby’s skin with a combination of Pichcha and Kasturi Kaha

Sri Lanka’s leading baby care brand Baby Cheramy, recently introduced an all-new herbal lotion with the combined natural goodness of Pichcha and Kasturi Kaha. This latest introduction further extends the brand’s range of creams and lotions to offer a strengthened herbal portfolio with natural extracts enriched formulas to keep baby’s skin well moisturized.

Baby Cheramy has carefully chosen a combination of two well-known herbal ingredients which have been used by local consumers for many years, for their varied individual characteristics. Pichcha is well known for its aromatic power, in addition to its soothing effect which nourishes dry and sensitive skin. The Kasturi Kaha extract brightens the skin with a feeling of freshness throughout the day. The harmonious combination of Pichcha and Kasturi Kaha extracts ensure the little one’s skin is nourished and refreshed for a longer period of time.

The humid weather condition in Sri Lanka is one of the many reasons that lead to a baby’s discomfort and a key point considered by parents when choosing a cream or a lotion. Understanding the pulse of the parents, Baby Cheramy has developed the latest herbal lotion with a fast-absorbing capability backed by a light moisturizing formula infused with natural do-good extracts of Pichcha and Kasturi Kaha.

As a brand that focuses on catering to timely and relevant needs of consumers, Baby Cheramy has identified the need to offer more products with natural extracts for our little ones, as today’s time-starved parents do not have the luxury of accessing such natural ingredients that they believe are good for their child.

Baby Cheramy constantly strives to deliver products of high quality and safety standards which are suitable for the delicate skin of babies. Similar to all other Baby Cheramy products, the long-lasting fragrance of the latest herbal lotion is compliant with the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards. All Baby Cheramy creams and lotions ensure soothing comfort and nourishment for baby’s skin and are free from Paraben, Petroleum oil and Formaldehyde, and are pH balanced.

Baby Cheramy is a leading baby care brand in Sri Lanka with nearly six decades of providing highest quality and safe baby care products. Baby Cheramy boasts of a comprehensive baby care product line up that caters to all baby care requirements. Its wide range of baby care products includes baby soap, baby cologne, cream and lotion, laundry wash, powder and liquid, baby oil, bamboo cotton buds, diapers, wet wipes and many more.


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