Are adultโ€™s toothpastes the best option for kids?

The ever-caring parents who focus on the wellbeing of their kids wish to give them the best products, be it personal care items, toys, clothes, food and medicine. It is because all parents want their kids to stay healthy and fit during the most important phase in their lives.

Parents are often worried about their kids/toddlersโ€™ oral hygiene. Brushing the toddlersโ€™ teeth can be a difficult task due to many toddlersโ€™ being reluctant. Parents, who know the importance of healthy teeth from the very early ages want to brush toddlersโ€™ teeth while they supervise the kids and try to instil the practice of brushing teeth among them. However, there are several factors which make kids reluctant to brush their teeth. Since brushing teeth is an act which is not interesting to kids, they are by nature reluctant to do so, in addition, kids are often reluctant to brush their teeth due to the strong flavour and taste in adult toothpastes and the abrasiveness of toothpastes.

A childโ€™s enamel is thinner than an adultโ€™s therefore, a toothpaste with a milder formulation is required in order to preserve the childโ€™s enamel and overall oral health.

It is essential for parents to be aware that there are seemingly visible differences among adultโ€™s toothpastes and kidsโ€™ toothpastes. Fluoride is a common ingredient found in both adult toothpastes and kidsโ€™ toothpaste variants. It helps restore minerals that the enamel loses, and fight harmful bacteria. But using too much toothpaste for brushing kidsโ€™ teeth can be harmful to their teeth. Toothpaste usage must always be done under adult supervision and used as per the instructions stated by the manufacturer.

Brushing teeth with an abrasive toothpaste can damage the kidsโ€™ enamel, which is thinner than adults. The kidsโ€™ enamel being gentle, parents need to pay extra attention when choosing a toothpaste for them. Kidsโ€™ toothpastes are specially designed for the oral care needs of children and are less abrasive than adult toothpastes and are specially designed with a gel formula to suit the delicate teeth of kids.

It is no doubt that kids do not prefer the flavours in adultโ€™s toothpastes, which often come in the form of a strong mint taste. Hence kidsโ€™ toothpastes are made with fruity flavours and various colors, while the packaging too looks fun and interesting. These fruity flavours make brushing teeth a joyful experience for kids and create more interest to the practice of brushing teeth.

Clogard Chooty is one such toothpaste designed to suit kids with the perfect mix of a mild formulation. This toothpaste is very much less abrasive than adult toothpastes making it gentle when brushing kidsโ€™ teeth. Clogard Chooty, while being sugar free, comes in two fruity flavours that every kid loves to experience. In addition, Clogard Chooty is fluoridated as recommended by SLSI and is designed to be mild and safe for kidsโ€™ usage.

Since its introduction in 1992, Clogard has transformed to be a total oral care solution at Sri Lankan households protecting the entire family against cavities, promoting healthy gums and alleviating bad breath. Clogard is the first oral care brand to be endorsed by Sri Lanka Standards institution.

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