An Exclusive Sneak Peek at Big Bad Wolf Online Book Sale E-Commerce Website

Offering 50,000 Book Titles at Massive Discounts

The Worldโ€™s Biggest Book Sale is back and packed with amazing deals and bargains! The Big Bad Wolf Online Book Sale is returning to meet the Sri Lankan Bibliophiles with a seamless e-commerce website that promises a smoother online experience.

Starting from the 5th of May and running till the 12th of May 2021, the 24-hour Book Sale will unleash unprecedented discounts of up to 90% on more than 50,000 book titles from a vast range of genres.

The improved website will feature a much easier shopping navigation right from registration to browsing for books, to adding favourite books to the cart, checking out and payment options โ€“ all of which can be completed very swiftly.

Commenting on the web experience, Co-Founder of Big Bad Wolf, Jacqueline Ng, said: โ€œLast yearโ€™s Online Sale was a great learning curve for us, and we have optimized the user experience to ensure that we offer an easy and smoother navigation for shoppers. We have also added another feature just for our Sri Lankan fans, where we have curated a list of new titles under the โ€˜New Arrivalsโ€™ banner which has never been offered in other countries. Book lovers can shop from the comfort and safety of their homes with the assurance that their purchases will be delivered right to their doorsteps.โ€

A quick guide through the website @ www.bigbadwolfbooks.lk โ€ฆ.

Visitors to the website are encouraged to โ€˜Create an Account by using the โ€˜Registerโ€™ tab at the top right-hand corner of the home page for easy access for future reference but more importantly, if they donโ€™t register before shopping, they will not be able to conclude their purchases. Upon creation of an account, the userโ€™s name will appear on the account home page. 

Whereas, for visitors and Wolfies who have previously registered [have an account] with Big Bad Wolf Online Book Sale, they will have to click the โ€˜Loginโ€™ tab, enter the password which would lead them to their โ€˜My Accountโ€™ page. At this page, they will MUST update and complete their address details especially the district and province information as well as a valid mobile number in order to ensure accurate delivery.

One of the first features that serve as a seamless book shopping experience is the functional search option bar where one can do a quick search by key-in either a book name, the authorโ€™s name or the ISBN, which will highlight the listing of that particular searched book โ€“ here, one has the option of adding to either the cart or adding to the wish list icon. There is also a โ€˜shareโ€™ option [via WhatsApp | e-mail | Viber | FB] in which shoppers can share their favourite titles with their friends or family with just a press of a button.

The websiteโ€™s landing page also offers various books titles that has been categorized into sections such as the โ€˜Wolfโ€™s Top Picksโ€™; โ€˜Popular Childrenโ€™s Booksโ€™; โ€˜Exclusive Dealsโ€™; whereas the main menu bar offers visitors a quick overview of โ€˜New Arrivalsโ€™; โ€˜Promotionsโ€™; โ€˜Recommendationsโ€™ and more.

After browsing and purchases have been included in the cart, view your order and ensure youโ€™ve selected the right books and proceed to the check-out page. Once at the check-out page, customers are required to enter their delivery address, a valid phone number, district and province, select the shipping method and proceed to the payment option tab. The Online Sale offers several debit and credit card payments such as Visa, MasterCard and Sampath Vishwa – Sampath Vishwa Internet Banking.

 All debit and credit cardholders need to ask their respective banks to authorize and ensure that their cards are enabled for online transaction and to provide a One-Time-Pin (OTP) sent to their mobile phone. They would have to ensure that the mobile number given to the bank is valid and is in active use to receive the OTP.

Some other exciting deals that shoppers should pay attention to and take advantage of are: get free shipping with a minimum spend of Rs. 9,000.00; and for those who spend a minimum of Rs. 17,000.00, they will receive a 10% off (capped at a maximum value of Rs. 1,700.00 per transaction); and if youโ€™re a Sampath Credit Cardholder, you can convert your payment into either 3, 6 or 12-month instalment plan, should you spend a minimum of Rs. 10,000.00 [you will need to call Sampath Bank Card Centre to activate this facility].


The e-commerce website will go live on the 5th of May and can be accessed by the following link: www.bigbadwolfbooks.lk

For more details of the Big Bad Wolf Online Book Sale, book-lovers are invited to the Wolfโ€™s:

Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/bbwbookssrilanka/

Instagram page: https://instagram.com/bigbadwolfbooks_lk

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Image 1- The improved BIG BAD WOLF Online Book Sale website will go live on the 5th of May, 2021.

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