Amana Takaful Insuranceโ€™s successful rebranding catalyzes its time-tested orientation: โ€˜To Every Sri Lankan as Oneโ€™

Amana Takaful Insurance, has successfully refreshed its brand identity with a fresh logo and a lively brand message that emphasizes its time-tested service orientation to all Sri Lankans.

Fueled by the notion that Amana Takaful, unlike conventional insurance, is a win-win for both the insurer and the insured, this refreshed identity opens profitable opportunities for all Sri Lankans. Thus, Amana Takaful Insuranceโ€™s refreshed message of โ€œTo Every Sri Lankan as Oneโ€ can not only be deemed timely, but also very relevant to todayโ€™s societal context.

Chairman of Amana Takaful PLC Osman Kassim elaborated on the companyโ€™s new outlook: โ€œAmana Takaful Insurance started 22 years ago with a capital of Rs 30 million. With some key strategic changes in our approach, we have now moved into the mainstream. โ€œTo Every Sri Lankan as Oneโ€ essentially means we stand with all Sri Lankans. When something is inherently fair and good, people eventually realize it and come to it.โ€ 

Chairman Kassim adds: โ€œโ€˜Takafulโ€™ means โ€˜to protect one anotherโ€™. Customers of Amana Takaful have the opportunity of inheriting a portion of the insurance fund surplus, furthering Amana Takafulโ€™s customer orientation towards every Sri Lankan, as one. Amana Takaful also adheres to ethics of the insurance industry practised for the last 250 years and believe they are essential and not negotiable. With the integration of insurance best practices, Amana Takaful has always been in par with the rest of the industry, if not better!โ€

Amana Takaful Insurance holds people-friendly ethical practices close to its heart, and is the only premier fully-fledged Takaful insurance company in Sri Lanka. Amana Takaful offers a complete range of Life and General insurance solutions as well as tailor-made health insurance policies to suit the overall health needs of the diverse segments of the Sri Lankan society.

All in all, Amana Takaful stands for protecting its customers in an ethical and people-friendly business model.

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